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Teach Accounting with a Thick Accent in iLearn

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Teach Accounting with a Thick Accent in iLearn


CSU Business Conference on Online Teaching and Learning




A recent study co-sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the American Accounting Association reveals that between 500 and 700 accounting faculty per year will retire over the next 10 years, while accounting Ph.D. programs are averaging 140 graduates per year. Moreover, about 40% of those graduates are foreign nationals. Consequently, there will be more demand for foreign born accounting faculty and presumably, more accounting classes will be taught by instructors who have an accent. We are among those who teach accounting with a thick accent. While using iLearn (a Learning Management System) to teach two hybrid online accounting classes at San Francisco State University, we stumbled upon an unexpected solution to our accent problem. Specifically, ever since we uploaded audio clips of our class lectures to iLearn, all persistent negative comments relating to our thick accent are totally gone. This is very encouraging because it enhances our overall student course evaluations. In this paper, we present a retrospective analysis of the unexpected solution.

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