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Use of Mobile Mesh Networks for Inter-Vehicular Communication

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Intellectual Contribution by Sameer Verma

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Use of Mobile Mesh Networks for Inter-Vehicular Communication


Proceedings of the 58th IEEE Semiannual Vehicular Technology Conference


Paul Beckman




This research project will examine the efficacy of using mobile mesh network devices and protocols for inter-vehicular communication. The standard application of mobile mesh networks is for ad hoc fixed land-based high-speed wireless computer communication. Such networks are a spin-off of land-based Wi-Fi (802.11b) networks that are constructed either "for-profit" and are accompanied by some pricing model designed to generate positive revenue or for "non-profit" and are accompanied by some organizational structure that controls the network and access to it.

This research experiment was proposed to investigate the effectiveness and efficiency of extending the standard land-based Wi-Fi point-to-multipoint network model to a method of inter-vehicular computer communication. To that end, an ad hoc mobile mesh network will be constructed and implemented in a set of automobiles. The mobile mesh network will be instrumented and data will be collected on such network characteristics as inter-vehicle bandwidth, packet routing through the mobile mesh. Data will also be collected on the use of simple applications such as text message passing and music streaming from one vehicle to others.

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