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Three Proposals for Improving Short-Term On-Street Parking

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Intellectual Contribution by Robert Saltzman

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Three Proposals for Improving Short-Term On-Street Parking


SalSocio-Economic Planning Sciences





In most urban centers today, on-street metered parking systems allocate scarce short-term parking space in an unreliable and inequitable way. These systems are unreliable in the sense that a driver has a limited chance of finding a short-term parking space reasonably close to his or her destination. They are inequitable in that they fail to accurately serve equally well all segments of the parking public and the businesses these segments patronize. This paper describes three low-cost proposals designed to improve the availability of short-term on-street parking and tests them on a small scale with a simulation model.

Complete Citation

Saltzman, R., "Three Proposals for Improving Short-Term On-Street Parking," Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 85_100 (June 1994).


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