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Subject to Disqualification

A student gets placed into “Subject to Disqualification” status when he/she has been on academic probation for more than one semester or when his/her GPA falls on or below the minimum guidelines described in the Academic Standards chart.

“Subject to Disqualification” is a more serious status than academic probation.

Students who fell on academic probation following the fall 2011 semester will be placed into “Subject to Disqualification” status if they remained on probation following the spring 2012 semester.

If you are being asked to complete this tutorial, your status is currently “Subject to Disqualification.”

3 Semester Rule

Students who have been on probation for two or more semesters, are subject to disqualification from SF STATE if their all college and SFSU GPA are not at or above the 2.0 threshold by the end of their third semester.


If your fall 2011 grades caused your overall SFSU or All College GPA to drop below a 2.0, you have until the end of the fall 2012 semester to raise both your SFSU and All College GPA to a 2.0 or higher. If you do not meet this standard, you will be PLOCK’d (Disenrolled) from the University.

Subject to Disqualification: Academic Standards Chart

In addition to the 3 Semester Rule, students are placed into the Subject to Disqualification category if their All College or SFSU GPA drops below a specified level:

  • Freshman (0-29 units): Below a 1.50 GPA
  • Sophomore (30-59 units): Below a 1.70 GPA
  • Junior (60-89 units): Below a 1.85 GPA
  • Senior (90+ units): Below a 1.95 GPA

For further information, please read the following website regarding the University’s policy on probation and subject to disqualification:

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