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Undergraduate Students : Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding Courses

First through fourth week of instruction

Add classes using instructor-distributed permit numbers and Gator Reg online.

After the fourth week of instruction

  1. Download and complete an Add Form online at
  2. Obtain approval signature from the instructor and department chair
  3. Submit form to College of Business Student Services Center (BUS 112) for College Dean’s signature. Attach a typed statement indicating why you are adding a course after the fourth week of instruction and any documentation that supports your request to add a course at this point in the semester. Please note that not all requests for late adds are approved. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that classes added are done so prior to the established University deadline.
  4. If petition to add is approved by the College of Business Student Services Center, student must first show approved forms to the Bursar’s office in order to pay tuition for the additional units, and then submit them to the Registrar’s.

Course Drop

First and second week of instruction

Drop courses using Gator Reg online. Course will not show on permanent transcript record, future class lists, or grade report.

Third through 13th week of instruction (Withdrawal Period)

Students cannot drop classes after the University deadline has passed.

Note: deadlines differ during summer and winter session. Please go to the College of Business Student Services Center, BUS 112, for policies and procedures.

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