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Students + Alumni : Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson (MBA 2010)

Co-Owner + COO

b(earth) Clothing, LLC

Luke brought a wealth of professional experiences with him when he began the MBA program at SF State in 2008. He had previously worked in commercial and residential real estate as well as in the restaurant industry. Luke decided to go back to school to gain the skills needed to secure a job which more directly aligned with his goals of positively impacting the environment and society.

During the program, Luke worked on an independent study with Professors Silverman and Ulasewiscz in which he took a deeper look into sustainable textiles and the fashion industry. His goal was to research the market potential of an environmentally thoughtful men’s business-wear line. Luke was able to take everything he learned about textiles, the fashion industry, and how to start a new “line” of fashion, and incorporate it all into b(earth), a new business venture that is making and selling organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers. By starting a business of this nature, “I feel that I’m having a more positive impact on the environment than ever before.”

Luke particularly liked the fact that the Sustainable Business emphasis focuses on the MBA first, with sustainability following closely after that. When asked to describe the Sustainability Emphasis he noted, “It isn’t all ‘greenwashing’ at one end or environmental demagoguery on the other, but (the program) fits right in the middle and argues a balance of making the business case for sustainability and ‘doing good” equally. Basically the program teaches extremely practical skills for the graduates to take and instill at any level within an organization.”

In the future Luke hopes to continue his current business pursuits, consulting and owning an eco-thoughtful business. He strives to become a “sustainability expert” and to consult with businesses on sustainability efforts until the time when taking such initiatives is the norm rather than the exception.

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