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Efrat Stark

Efrat Stark (MBA 2008)

Corporate Sustainability Marketing Manager


Efrat held a number of non-profit positions prior to beginning her MBA at SF State. While enrolled in the program, she also worked for Urban Solutions, a non-profit devoted to strengthening communities through small business development, through workforce development, and by promoting sustainability. Efrat played an integral role in the development of Urban Solutions' Green Business program.

While Efrat has always been interested in sustainability, before beginning the program she wasn't clear about how to turn her interest into a career. Through her classes, interactions with professors, personal research, and internships, she was able learn about opportunities available in the field, which enabled her to narrow her focus.

In addition to taking the majority of sustainability courses offered at SF State, Efrat incorporated sustainability into class projects and internships. Taking advantage of those opportunities is "how people get the most out of the sustainability emphasis," she says.

Efrat enjoyed taking ethics (BUS 784) with Professor Melhus because it helped her understand the huge influence businesses have on society and the environment, and the responsibility and immense opportunities that come along with that. This class was a milestone for Efrat because it really encouraged her to pursue her passion for turning sustainability into a career.

Efrat secured a job at Autodesk in the Sustainability Department, as a result of an internship she completed with the company while enrolled in SF State's MBA program. Autodesk, headquartered in San Rafael, is a leading provider of design and engineering software to millions of architects, designers and engineers worldwide. Its products help shape much of the "built world"—from buildings, roads and utilities to cars, electronics and consumer products. The company's sustainability vision is to provide tools that help its customers transform the built world and address sustainability challenges through smarter design. The company also works to improve its own impact on the environment. As Corporate Sustainability Marketing Manager, Efrat is responsible for promoting awareness of Autodesk as a leader in sustainable design, driving a consistent sustainability message to external and internal audiences.

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