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Students + Alumni : Barbara Boccia

Barbara Boccia

Barbara Boccia (MBA 2009)

Compliance Manager—Private Bank

Silicon Valley Bank

Prior to beginning her MBA course work at San Francisco State University, Barbara was a litigation attorney defending companies from claims of industrial toxic exposure. The little spare time that she had was spent volunteering with community non-profit organizations. Once Barbara started a family, she wanted to find an opportunity to update her skills and to find a job that aligned with her values. SF State offered her the flexibility and support that she needed to complete an MBA.

Barbara notes that the sustainability emphasis at SF State played a significant role in changing her view of sustainability. “It provided a robust education that helped to sensitize me to sustainability issues within my career, as well as in my everyday life,” she states. She added that the professors added to her experience because they are current, excited, and leaders in their fields. They helped her to understand the broader concept of sustainability, whereas prior to beginning the program she believed that it was only related to the environment.

One of Barbara’s most memorable milestones within the sustainability emphasis was a project she contributed to in collaboration with PG&E, and the cities of Oakland and Berkeley. Barbara’s team provided an analysis and assessment of the Smart Lights project, the focus of which was to help small businesses to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities.

Barbara’s former position at Union Bank, as VP/business line compliance officer, was to ensure marketing rules and regulations were enforced, and that consumers were protected from unfair or deceptive practices. She has been involved in financial education and worked closely with Union Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Group. “How we treat our customers and how we work in our communities contributes to the sustainability framework.”
Barbara’s future goals include integrating sustainability more strategically. She looks forward to the creation of SF State’s new Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business!

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