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CIO scholarship for information systems undergraduates

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The CIO Scholarship Fund Endowment in Information Systems has made $2,000 available this fall for information systems undergraduates.

Two scholarship awards in the amount of $1,000 eacy will be made in Fall 2013 to students graduating in Spring 2014 or Fall 2014 semesters. 

The CIO Scholarship program continues with each academic year. The award is an honor that can be included on your résumé.


Applicants should have an SFSU GPA of at least 2.5 and be students in the information systems concentration.

Application and Deadline

Applications are due by 5 p.m. on November 19, 2013.

How to apply

Students must apply through the new Academic Works Scholarship System at:



Your application package comprises:

  • a letter of application, including your SF State student ID number, an address for communications, and your mailing addresses on and off campus
  • a short one or two page résumé or CV
  • two references, with at least one from an information systems professor
  • a written explanation of how you would use the award

If an application has been made for financial aid from the university's financial aid office, please indicate if a grant was given and its source, if a loan was made and its source, and whether additional unmet needs were identified and the amount. This information does not influence the granting of a scholarship award to a worthy candidate.

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