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Useful Tips When Attending Career Events

Arrive as Early as Possible

Events are usually less crowded at the beginning and busiest during lunch hour and at the end. Events close promptly to accommodate employers' travel arrangements.

Ask the Representative for His/Her Business Card

You now have a direct contact with the company, the correct spelling of the representative's name, and direct telephone number. After the event, promptly send a thank-you note. A brief thank-you note acknowledges the help they gave you and the time they took to visit campus. In addition, a thank-you note is a good professional habit.

Be Courteous

In addition to representing yourself, you also represent your college’s department, and the university. Companies are here because of their interest in hiring SFSU students. Show sensitivity to students waiting to speak with employers by keeping your questions brief and offering to continue your conversation at a later time.

Bring Multiple Copies of Your Résumé

Dress for Ambition

First impressions are important. You will probably be most comfortable if you at least dress in business casual, i.e., think comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power.

Introduce Yourself

Extend your hand, say hello and clearly state your name. Welcome the representative to San Francisco State University. Be sure to have your resume ready to hand to the employer.

Orient Yourself

When you arrive, take a minute to review a site map or directory for the event. You can then quickly locate and walk by employers in whom you're most interested. Also, take note of crowds and long lines of students waiting.

Prioritize those Employers that Your're Most Interested

You might find it easier to start with the employers in which you're the least interested. This allows you to improve your approach and be most confident when you approach the employers you're most excited about. Weigh this tip with the reality that you may have little time and that many students will be interested in the same employers.

Research Employers

You will be able to ask focused and specific questions. This impresses representatives because it shows a genuine interest in them.

Take Notes

for any next steps you wish to take, along with names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of others in the company whom you want to contact. Jot down any employer information sessions, on-campus interviewing, and projected hiring dates that interest you.

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