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Graduate students attending classes at the SF State Downtown Campus may purchase their textbooks from the SF State Bookstore on the Main Campus.

Textbooks and Course Materials

To order books and materials, see the SF State Bookstore's website

Returns and Refunds

Textbooks in their original condition with a receipt and proof of dropping class, may be returned for a refund, less any shipping and/or handling fees by the first week of class.

If textbooks are purchased after the return deadline, you will have a two-day window to return them.

Refunds without proof of drop incur a 10 percent restocking fee.

All refunds must be done on the SF State Main Campus.

Rentals and eBooks

Most textbooks now have rental or eBook options available. You can save up to 75 percent off rentals and 50 percent off of eBooks. These options become available when you select your textbook on the SFSU Bookstore’s web site.

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