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Undergraduate Students : Mandatory Advising Program

Academic Probation Advising Tutorial

What is Academic Probation?

Per University standards, all students must maintain a 2.0 minimum in both their “All College” and “SFSU” cumulative GPAs. If you have only completed coursework at SFSU, then your “All College” and “SFSU” GPAs are identical. If you transferred outside college coursework to SFSU, then your GPAs will likely be different.

When either your All College or SFSU cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, you are placed on academic probation. Students remain on academic probation until both GPAs (cumulative All College and SFSU) reach the 2.0 plateau or higher. All students who are required to complete this online tutorial are currently on academic probation.

If your GPA is extremely low or you have been on probation for more than one semester, you are placed on subject to disqualification status. We will cover more about this later in the the tutorial.

What is Required

When you complete this online tutorial, you will be asked to turn in the following three items:

  1. SFSU Unofficial Transcripts
  2. Academic Standing Petition(pdf)
  3. Complete all five assignment tasks found throughout this tutorial. The assigned tasks 1 through 4 must be typed, thorough and provided on a separate sheet of paper.


The deadline to complete this mandatory advisement tutorial is Friday, July 13, 2012, at 5 p.m.


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