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Graduate Students : Safety Measures

Safety Measures for the 5th floor, SF State Downtown Campus

Things to do when the building security systems are activated:

  • please take your valuables with you
  • evacuate the building toward the nearest green color exit sign
  • always follow the green exit signs
  • keep to the right in hallways and stairways to allow access for incoming emergency personnel
  • do not use the elevators
  • students with mobility issues should go to the nearest Emergency Exit and wait at the top of the stairwell for Emergency Rescue Personnel
  • once you have exited the building, please wait at 835 Market street entrance for further instructions.

The Historic Stairs located adjacent to the Reception Desk and Room 558 are not emergency exits.

Security System

If any one of the following or combination of the following occurs, evacuate the building immediately:

  • alarm sounds
  • flashing light activates
  • P.A. announcement or verbal direction

Earthquake Procedures

  • remain calm
  • seek cover under a desk or table. Drop, Cover, and Hold on.
  • stay away from glass windows, shelves and heavy equipment
  • do not exit the building. It may be safer to stay inside the building, unless the building threatens to collapse
  • protect yourself at all times
  • be prepared for aftershocks

Floor Map and Emergency Contact Info

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