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The College of Business is organized by departmental disciplines. Each of the departments offers limited specializations in a variety of areas. Students may choose from an area of emphasis or pursue a general MBA degree.

Please consult an academic adviser by department before choosing elective courses. Advising is particularly important for MS in Accountancy students, because this degree is primarily elective. Advisers are not assigned, so it is up to the student to seek advising as soon as a question arises. Academic advisers should be consulted, for example, about the choice of degree, any required courses for that degree, or the possible career implications of electives.

Required courses for the MBA program are offered in fall and spring semesters, and a few of the courses are offered in the summer.

Note: Except for BUS 714, BUS 776, and BUS 780-788, all graduate courses are numbered 800 and above. Other electives are available under the BUS course listing.

Areas of Emphasis

The departments listed below are linked to the University Bulletin's descriptions of degree requirements, course descriptions, and graduate advisers for the current semester.


Decision Sciences / Operations Research


Information Systems

International Business



Sustainable Business

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