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Lessa Manotti

Lessa Manotti (MBA Candidate 2010)

Graduate Assistant

MBA Emphasis in Sustainable Business

Lessa had a wide variety of employment experiences prior to beginning her studies at SF State. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in marketing and international business. After her undergraduate coursework, she moved to Japan where she taught English for the greater part of three years. Lessa moved to San Francisco to explore non-profit work after her return to the United States.

Upon moving to San Francisco, Lessa began working for the Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP). There she was able to help to grow the program and its reach in supporting over 1,500 San Francisco high school youth. Lessa’s experience at MYEEP provided her with a greater understanding of the issues facing underserved populations in the Bay Area and the organizations that support them. After working for MYEEP for more than three years, Lessa decided to return to school to improve her management skills.

Lessa chose to attend SF State’s MBA program because sustainability is so deeply engrained in the courses. She has taken the majority of the classes within the sustainability emphasis and has worked on sustainability- focused projects in other classes as well. Lessa’s non-profit background has prompted her to approach her coursework through a socially-focused sustainability lens. She especially enjoyed her classes in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability & Business Opportunity.

Attending SF State has allowed Lessa to engage in a number of activities outside of the classroom. As an active member of Net Impact and the Chapter Speaker VP, Lessa has been involved in moderating panel discussions on campus and bringing CSR-focused speakers to campus. Lessa’s close work with professors within the sustainability emphasis has enabled her to forge relationships between the MBA program and local organizations.

After graduation, Lessa looks forward to facilitating cross-sector collaboration between non-profit and for-profit organizations. The skills that she has gained at SF State will help her to effectively manage programs in the future.

Lessa was also a 2010 nominee for the MBA Student Community Service Award. To read her mini-bio, see MBA Student Community Service Award.

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