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Students + Alumni : Laurel Peacock

Laurel Peacock

Laurel Peacock (MBA Candidate 2010)


Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting

Laurel was incorporating notions of sustainability into her job even before beginning the MBA in Sustainable Business program at SF State. She was responsible for marketing and PR at a winery in Napa Valley where she learned a great deal about sustainable agriculture. The winery was actively engaged in greening its facilities, especially during the process of seeking industry certification to formalize the winery’s ambition of heading into sustainable viticulture. Laurel’s involvement in this process provided her with a pragmatic understanding of sustainable organic processes and ultimately paved the way for her graduate course work.

The real-world experience that SF State’s professors bring to the classroom has enabled Laurel to gain a deeper understanding of applying sustainability to environments besieged with change. Most of her professors have been working to incorporate sustainability into their classes for years, long before it became mainstream at top-tier business schools. Additionally, in-class speakers from local businesses have facilitated Laurel’s understanding of how “going green” also serves the best interests of the business. She also enjoyed working face-to-face with individual project clients in the field to solve real, everyday business questions.

Laurel notes, “I’m lucky enough to work at a company where we eat, breathe, and dream of human activities that live in concert with the planet’s natural systems. I wouldn’t say that I do things in my job that relate to sustainability; in essence my job is to work with a team that embeds sustainability in today’s corporate agenda. We work to engage and educate leadership teams of major companies to look at their businesses through the lens of sustainability- tailored for their unique business.” She looks forward to continuing to work on her professional development in sustainability consulting at Blu Skye.

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