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MBA graduate has paper accepted for publication

News + Events : MBA graduate has paper accepted for publication


A paper based on the 895 project of MBA graduate Anthony Hoang has been accepted for publication in a special issue on
enterprise mobility of Information Knowledge Systems Management. This is
a peer reviewed journal and the paper went through the complete review process.

looked at corporate culture and whether it is having an impact on telecommuting.
He did a thorough literature review on telecommuting. He found that in the past
telecommuting has not been widely received and that corporate culture is one of
the factors for this. He then conducted a survey to investigate the status of
telecommuting today, and to determine if corporate culture is still having an
impact on it. His basic result is that corporate culture is still a deterrent
to telecommuting.

Citation: Anthony Hoang, Robert C. Nickerson, Paul
Beckman, and Jamie Eng, “Telecommuting and Corporate Culture: Implications for
the Mobile Enterprise,” Information Knowledge Systems Management.

Congratulations to Anthony for the fine job he did
on his 895 that lead to this publication!

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