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Graduate Student Awarded Women in Logistics Scholarship

News + Events : Graduate Student Awarded Women in Logistics Scholarship


JP, left, with Albert Koo, Assistant Director of Student Services, Graduate Business ProgramJohn Paul (JP) Balucan, an MBA candidate with an emphasis in Decision Sciences, is one of the winners of the 2006 Women in Logistics (WIL) scholarship. The award is $1,500 toward tuition and fees.

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JP’s many achievements can be found in summary at:


Among the eight members judging, it was unanimous that JP's application stood out. Likewise, the members of Women in Logistics invited to serve on last month's panel discussion in my Supply Chain Management class (DS 855) were impressed with JP's experiences and engagement in the Q&A session.


Women in Logistics is a local organization that was created by former SF State student Stacy Roth over 20 years ago to promote awareness of the field and to encourage more people, especially women, to join. Despite its name, it is open to members of both sexes, and one of its primary missions is to encourage students, male and female, to pursue careers in logistics and related fields.


Applications are open to undergraduate and graduate students across all Bay Area universities, and competition was fierce for this year's awards.


Please join me in wishing JP congratulations!


Susan Cholette, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences

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