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Guest Speaker on Ethics in College Sports

News + Events : Guest Speaker on Ethics in College Sports


An Invitation from Will Weinstein, Professor, Ethics in Decision Making—

"George Rush, longtime coach of the five-time National Champion San Francisco City College (Rams) Football team will be my co-instructor on Wednesday, December 6 at my class, Ethics in Decisionmaking, at San Francisco State University. George will discuss ethics in college sports in general and share with us his wealth of experience in this area at all levels of college athletics.  Each year, George graduates 20 to 30 students who go on to Division I schools on full scholarships and he is very familiar with the entire process. Though George is called a football coach, his real occupation in changing lives and he has agreed to share some of his most poignant experiences with us. I want to invite you to join us at 6:00 pm, Room 202 in the Business building. I think it will be a very worthwhile experience for all of us."

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