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Ten undergraduate business students recognized for academic accomplishment

News + Events : Ten undergraduate business students recognized for academic accomplishment


The College of Business congratulates and extends best wishes to each of the ten undergraduate honorees.

Each year the department's top performers are selected by the college's academic departments from its graduating seniors.

These students receive special recognition from the university during commencement week. In addition, Aznaur Midov was selected as the college's undergraduate hood recipient, to be recognized at commencement. He was also selected to be the student speaker at Commencement.

The 2012 undergraduate honors recipients with links to read more about these remarkable graduates.

Aznaur Midov, College of Business Hood Recipient, Department of Finance

College of Business 2012 Hood recipient Aznaur Midov, Finance Department

Most people think Aznaur Midov is Russian. Actually, he is from Kabardin–Balkar Republic (KBR) which is located in the Southern part of Russia.

Aznaur went to Kabardin-Balkar State University, where he double-majored in accounting and law. In 2005, just one year short of graduation, he decided to leave everything behind and immigrate to the US. Shortly after his arrival, he decided to return to school to finish his education. There was one problem—he didn’t speak English. He worked as a busser at Lori‘s Diner in San Francisco, where communication with co-workers and customers helped him learn English. By 2007, he learned to express himself, and he was accepted into the American Language Institute, which is an intensive language program at SF State. In 2008, he started his education at SF State.

During his first year at SF State, Aznaur co-founded a student group called Financial Analysis and Management Education (FAME). FAME’s success is directly attributable to Aznaur’s enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication. Over the past several years FAME has grown in both membership and stature. It is now highly regarded by the top financial institutions in the SF Bay Area.

Another of Aznaur’s stunning achievements was the creation of a student investment conference, with the goal of providing a venue for students to learn directly from world- renowned professionals in the financial services industry. Under his tutelage, FAME successfully hosted three back-to-back (2009-2011) conferences, with each one having over 250 students in attendance from across California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

Aznaur’s desire to help his fellow classmates and give back to the University is boundless. In May 2010, he conceived, organized, and implemented the first ever graduation event for SF State students majoring in Finance. In spring 2009, Aznaur was awarded the university’s Outstanding Student Leader Award for creating and nourishing FAME. Despite Aznaur’s immense time commitment to FAME, and holding down two jobs at once, he still manages to maintain an exemplary academic record.

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Julian Papadopulos, Department of Accounting

Julian Papadopulos

Julian Papadopulos was born in Athens, Greece and moved to Los Angeles as a child. Growing up, he learned about some of life’s struggles and what it takes to be successful.

His mom often worked more than one job to support him and keep him in private school. He was fortunate enough to go to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks where he received a great education.

In August 2008, Julian started his journey at SF State. He chose accounting as his concentration and opted for a minor in Modern Greek Studies. He was able to return to Greece—for the first time since leaving as a baby—in the summer of 2009 to earn degree credit for his minor. With help from his dad and a scholarship, Julian was able to attend the International Summer School through the Institute for Balkan Studies in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In fall 2009, Julian returned to SF State, and in the following spring volunteered as a tax preparer for Beta Alpha Psi’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program on campus. Julian also applied for membership in Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) in addition to joining the Accounting Students Organization (ASO). As a member of BAP, Julian served as the vice president of membership and the executive vice president, and currently serves as president. In spring 2011 he was a supervisor for VITA, and is now a site manager.

Using his experience gained at VITA and BAP, he obtained a summer accounting internship at Green Home, Inc. In summer 2011, Julian worked as an intern in the Finance Development Program at Chevron Corporation.

Growing up in humble surroundings, Julian set education as a priority that empowered him throughout high school and college. Julian received a job offer from Deloitte to work with technology companies in Silicon Valley after graduating from SF State.

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Staci Wegscheid, Department of Decision Sciences

Staci Wegscheid

Staci Wegscheid, born in Minnesota, started working at the age of 15 in a local grocery store. In high school, her dream was to move to California.

When she was 20, she moved to Orange County and within a few months landed a job as an accounting clerk. She attended Orange Coast community college in 2006 with intentions on an accounting degree. In January 2009, she earned her A.A. degree, with a 3.6 GPA and a membership in Phi Theta Kappa.

In fall 2009, she began the business degree program at San Francisco State where she enrolled in DS 412, Operations Management. She credits this course as the turning point in her education. She changed her concentration to decision sciences, took more DS courses, and everything just felt right.

During spring 2011, Staci worked 50 to 60 hours a week as an office manager with H&R Block, attending full-time classes and earning a semester GPA of 3.92.

Staci joined the Decision Sciences Student Association (DSSA) and was elected as the vice president of professional development. Close to graduation herself, Staci saw that most undergraduate students needed help with writing their résumé and starting their job search. She scheduled workshops and invited professors and industry experts to speak to DSSA members. She also assisted in the college’s Business Ethics Week as the host of a speaker’s event with the founder of Bay Area Green Supply Chain Forum.

Staci graduated in January 2012 with Cum Laude honors, having made the Dean’s List three semesters and an overall GPA of 3.6. Staci is also a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Before graduation, Staci received a job offer as a business analyst. She sees herself working to improve business processes with the skills she learned in the Decision Science program.

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Eli Lazarus, Department of Economics

Eli Lazarus

Eli Lazarus is the recipient of the annual George Feliz Scholarship. As an outstanding student who took difficult courses and maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA, Eli was able to achieve academic excellence while welcoming a newborn son with his partner.

Eli is Australian and migrated to the U.S. in 2003. Before matriculating at SF State, he had his own natural gardening business in San Francisco, using a 100 percent biodiesel-run van, and all natural methods and products. Eli says his interest in sustainability stems from experiences in the wild spaces of Australia he had as an adult. Eli has been a committed vegetarian since the age of 12 (30 years), and was a drummer in both a punk band and a rock band.

Eli’s main academic interest is in heterodox economics, sustainability and ecological economics. He worked with Professor Phil King on an independent study involving ecological economics, with applications to beaches in Monterey.

In Eli’s own words, “SFSU was fantastic for me. Affordability was essential, as was attending and living in San Francisco. But also the scale of classes and approachability/support of all the instructors were very helpful in my learning. Having the framework of a standard degree, but also some flexibility to focus on my own area of interest—as I was able to do with the combination of Independent Studies and the general education classes—gave me a higher level of learning, skills and qualifications for the work I wanted to do than I would otherwise have been able to achieve.”

Eli exemplifies San Francisco State’s commitment to sustainability, and to helping students from diverse backgrounds succeed in life.

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Clarisa Marcelino, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Clarisa Marcelino

Clarisa Marcelino, having emigrated from the Philippines as a young girl, was raised with exceptional parental guidance and respect for education, hard work, and good ethics.

At a young age, Clarisa learned the sacrifices her parents had to make for her and her brothers. They worked hard because they wanted their children to have a promising future.

Her parents’ work ethic motivated Clarisa to achieve an outstanding academic record at SF State. Clarisa has been very successful; she has been on the Dean’s List eight consecutive semesters and graduates with a GPA of 3.94. She was responsible for all of her college expenses and worked in retail and food service to pay her college tuition.

Clarisa learned the art of hospitality from the education she received from her Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) professors. She truly values what she learned in the classroom and applies that knowledge to her volunteer work and internships.

Clarisa showed excellent leadership skills as a member of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Graduation Committee in 2009 and 2010. Through cross-training among the different areas in food and beverage at Embassy Suites, she learned problem-solving skills, and how to exercise patience and flexibility.

All of these experiences taught her to become stronger and wiser, and that through obstacles come opportunities to grow and learn. Clarisa learned the meaning of the work ethic her parents taught her. She works hard and practices a good skill set consisting of humility, compromise, good attitude, and respect.

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Zainab Alkhatti, Department of Information Systems

Zainab Alkatti

Zainab Alkhatti enrolled in SF State in 2008 as a freshman and graduated four years later. With a high GPA, she’s been on the Dean’s list five times and is a Beta Gamma Sigma member.

Zainab was born in Saudi Arabia to parents who were studying at different universities; her father worked full time in the banking industry and attended a university 1000 miles away from her hometown, while her mother was a full-time student at a local college. A few years later, Zainab’s sister was born just before her mother completed her studies. It was not an easy responsibility for her parents to raise two daughters while attending school, but they did it and did it well.

In 2006, Zainab came to the United States on a full scholarship. She promised herself that she would exceed her family’s expectations and graduate with high honors. In 2008, she enrolled in SF State as a first-time freshman and graduated in four years with a high GPA. She has been on the Dean’s list five times and was inducted as a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honor society.

Zainab loves logic and information, and those two are united in Information Systems. She found Business Information Systems as an opportunity to use logic, expand her technical skills, and learn the wonders of the business world. Zainab chose to study information systems because she wants to make a positive change in the business world by using technology. She has learned that in our ever-changing world, technology is an inseparable part of our lives

After graduation, Zainab plans to pursue a career as a programmer or database analyst, and eventually to become an IT project manager. She plans to go on to earn an MBA in order to stand out in a highly competitive field.

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Clarissa Santoso, Department of International Business

Clarissa Santoso

Clarissa Santoso envisions a “world without oppression and injustice, where everyone will truly have equal opportunities to enrich themselves and live in harmony with others and nature.”

Reflecting this vision, Clarissa is passionate about helping people build a fulfilling life and achieve their full potential. She is committed to empowering people to become independent learners and critical thinkers.

While pursuing the international business concentration, Clarissa enhanced her studies with classes in human rights, ethics, and environmental ethics from the Department of Philosophy. She sees herself as a facilitator between business and social activism. Her overriding vision is the harmonious relationship between mankind and nature. She believes that business is an important institution that exists to benefit society.

Clarissa hopes to be influential enough to make a difference, to be able to create awareness, and to build advocacy for human rights, animal rights, the poor and unprivileged, and environmental causes. Upon graduation, she will start her own business to serve those in need.

One professor commented that Clarissa “was incisive and rigorous, constantly challenging the premises of a business, the need for a moral foundation, and a reassessment of basic assumptions in the aftermath of the financial crisis…it was a refreshing perspective from a future leader in society.”

Her strong writing and communications skills will serve her well in the future. Clarissa has been an asset to the department, as she consistently set a strong example for her peers in IBUS. Clarissa represents the best of a new generation of business professionals who have vision and commitment to build a sustainable world that embraces the values of equity, respect and harmony.

Clarissa Santoso is also the recipient of the 2012 Delta Sigma Pi scholarship key for San Francisco State, given annually to the graduating student with the highest cumulative academic average toward a business degree in administration. Clarissa earned a GPA of 4.0 with a concentration in International Business.

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Jake Doolittle, Labor and Employment Studies Program

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Mary Jelincic, Department of Management

Mary Jelincic

One of Mary Jelincic’s professors described her as a “joy to have in the classroom” because of her gregarious and fun-loving attitude that is contagious to all those around her.

Others commented on Mary’s hard work and excellent skills at analyzing management problems, making presentations, and encouraging her teammates.

Mary grew up in Sacramento, Calif., and attended Mira Loma High School, where she was a part of the International Baccalaureate program. She found time to be active in theater productions and student government. She attended American River College before transferring to San Francisco State.

Starting in the mail room and working one’s way up seems like a cliché for managers from an earlier era. But not for Mary. Her work in Residence Services at San Francisco State included coordinating the mail room and serving at the Community Desk in the residence halls. Along the way, she worked as a baby sitter, theater production manager, as well as a website designer.

She argues that all of these roles contribute to her approach toward management. She hopes to bring her management skills, presentation skills, and cheerful manner to a management career helping artists to produce and share their products with the world.

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Anadelia Fadeev, Department of Marketing

Anadelia Fadeev

Anadelia Fadeev was born in Russia, raised in El Salvador, and moved to San Francisco four years ago. Living in three very different cultures helped her to appreciate cultural differences.

After moving to El Salvador, Anadelia struggled because she didn’t know how to interact within her new environment. She attempted to fit in by quickly learning Spanish, by losing her accent, and by pretending she was not a foreigner. Anadelia realized that instead of hiding who she was, it was better to embrace both cultures and simply adapt to the differences.

When Anadelia moved to San Francisco, she started school at City College of San Francisco with a focus in marketing. After transferring from City College to SF State, she joined the Marketing Student Association (MSA). She served as corporate relations director for two years and was in charge of inviting guest speakers to share their experiences with marketing students at SF State. Her involvement in the MSA has been a valuable experience and helped her prepare for a career in marketing.

Because of her diverse cultural background, Anadelia feels well prepared to work in a global business environment. She is very passionate about marketing and wants to work with small businesses in the future. Eventually, she hopes to run her own consulting firm that specializes in advancing start-up companies in competitive business environments.

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