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Distinguished Achievement Honorees

A reception held May 16, 2006 honored the distinguished achievement of undergraduate and graduate students from each department of the College of Business.

Click here to view all of the photos from the event!

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Rebecca Elizabeth Dura


Kelli Emiko Nakamura,

SFSU College of Business
Undergraduate Hood Recipient

Decision Sciences

Robert Santo Blakely


Lynn DeAnn Brown

Information Systems

Angelique Maryse Blanchard

International Business

Trevor Sky Kenyon Harrison


Sophia Bianco




Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


Baker Al-Shabibi




Master of Business Administration and
Master of Science in Business Administration


Ronda Barzon

Andrea Leigh Everitt

Michael Scott Iverson

Nina Kiai

Stephen L. Komlos

Kirk Lawrence

Aleksandar Sasha Mircov,
SFSU College of Business,
Graduate Hood Recipient

Tessa O’Leary

Victoria Ng

Julia Perhac

Jeanne Marie Scott

Melissa J. Wong



Executive MBA


Donald Richard Bennett

Andrew John Broderick

Hans Kuangnen Cheng

Linda Louise da Silva

Michael Anthony Dunn

Anson C.Y. Fong

Ron Galatolo

Alexander Gorelik

Matthew George Raleigh



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