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Connect your organization to the benefits of sustainability

News + Events : Connect your organization to the benefits of sustainability


Want to Win Future Business?—Report to Our Sustainable Business Boot Camp!

Sustainability, or the capacity for long-term quality and value, is an intriguing idea for an ever-increasing number of businesses worldwide.


For at least three reasons—profits, values, and/or reputation. But how can business executives help develop sustainability practices and cultures within their organizations and realize those benefits?

Businesses are collections of key functions, from design to operations to marketing, with several other functions supporting these critical activities. San Francisco State University, primarily in the College of Business, has paid significant attention to all of these important business departments, featuring faculty who have researched, taught, consulted, and practiced in these same disciplines.

SF State Sustainability Boot Camp

We have gathered a special group of our business faculty covering each of these business functions, who have collected and provide useful information on how those functions can become more sustainable.

We welcome Bay Area business, government, and non-profit executives and other decision-makers to learn with one another how to connect your organization to the benefits of sustainability.

Our Sustainable Business Boot Camp will show you how businesses have integrated sustainability into their product/service design, supply chains, information systems, hospitality services, information systems, international business, marketing, economics, and strategy.

Consider attending our Sustainable Business Boot Camp and you’ll takeaway information you can “use Monday morning” to help your organization develop policies and practices to reap the multiple benefits of business sustainability in your and your organization’s future!

Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business (CESB) is very excited to lead the way in the Bay Area to help businesses, other organizations, and its multiple stakeholders connect with one another to realize a more ethical and sustainable future for all.

Through collaborative, applied research, educational executive training programs, and forward-looking business and community partnerships, the Center is primed to leverage its experienced faculty, expanding alumni network, and premier downtown location to realize this visionary goal.

Given its successful track record in each of these vital areas, the CESB welcomes all stakeholders, including Bay Area businesses, communities, and individual supporters, to join with SF State's students, faculty, staff, and alumni, to advance ethics and sustainability to build an ever-more vibrant and values-based culture in a place we are proud to call "home!"


Mark Starik, Director

Mark Starik

Mark Starik is a professor of management and sustainability, and the director of the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business in the College of Business at San Francisco State.

He teaches in the areas of strategic management, business environmental management and policy, and business energy and climate issues and solutions.

His career experience includes more than 20 years at George Washington University in which he co-founded and co-directed two sustainability related centers and chaired the department of strategic management and public policy. He has also held several management positions in and consulted with various business, government, and non-profit organizations, primarily in the energy and environment areas, and is a co-founder of several sustainability non-profit organizations, including the Academy of Management’s Organizations & the Natural Environment (ONE) Division.

His research interests include strategic environmental sustainability management, sustainable energy and climate solutions, and sustainability management theory, and he is a co-editor of the journal Organization and Environment.

He holds a doctorate in strategic management from the University of Georgia (USA), and master in natural resources policy and administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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