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Case study examines HAL’s fuel conservation efforts

News + Events : Case study examines HAL’s fuel conservation efforts


Murray Silverman, a management professor at the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business in the College of Business at San Francisco State University, has been working with employees at Holland America Line on a business case study of HAL’s environmental and sustainability program.

The focus of the case study is HAL's successful fuel conservation effort. The case study will be used to teach business students about the economic, environmental and social issues facing the cruise industry.

Dr. Silverman has authored other business case studies that help students think through a variety of business challenges,” said Tina Stotz, manager, Sustainability and ISO Systems Management.

“He heard about our good works though our partnership with the Marine Conservation Institute and originally approached us to do a broad-based case study about our environmental/sustainability program. However, as the case started to take shape, it needed a focal point. As one of our biggest success stories is our fuel conservation program, we decided to focus there.”

Carnival Corporation & plc committed to reduce fuel use (on a per-passenger-berth/per-nautical-mile-traveled basis) – and the associated carbon emissions – by 20 percent between 2005 and 2015. Holland America Line reached the goal in 2011.

The achievement was a win-win for HAL and the environment: reductions in the amount of fuel used on each voyage reduced HAL's carbon emissions, as well as emissions of sulfur and nitrous oxides and particulate matter, which are all closely monitored by regulatory agencies.

Professor Silverman was in Seattle on Aug. 15, 2012, to attend a fuel conservation committee meeting at HAL and interview those who played key roles in the fuel conservation effort. He also met individually with company executives about issues related to his study.

Murray Silverman (left) with Vice President of Safety and Environmental Management Systems Bill MoraniProfessor Murray Silverman (left) with Vice President of Safety and Environmental Management Systems Bill Morani.


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