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Marriott’s Employee Fairness

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On April 11, Matt Parsons, senior human resources manager for workplace environment for Marriott International, Inc., talked at the SF State Downtown Campus about Marriott’s corporate culture of engaging its employees.

As an HR manager, Matt’s responsibilities involve training managers on how to keep their employees happy with their work, ultimately keeping productivity high. One of their primary tools for assessing employee satisfaction is through feedback surveys, which are then aggregated to run detailed analytics. Employee satisfaction is one key indicator of the quality of leadership at each hotel.

Matt gave some specific advice to his MBA student audience regarding keeping employees satisfied. For example, even if management has addressed an employee grievance, the action may go unrecognized if management does not very blatantly communicate that a change has been made in direct response to employee dissatisfaction. Other helpful advice included having employees physically participate in brainstorming solutions to problems, and making sure that a diverse workforce is able to understand all communications presented in English.

Marriot also has a peer review process to allow employees receiving unfavorable reviews from their management to appeal their case. Employees can present a counterargument before a panel of their peers, and if the panel sides with them, the disciplinary action is thrown out. The peer review process itself is another indicator HR uses to identify how managers are performing. Numerous peer reviews ruling in favor of employees can indicate a problem with the manager.

As future managers, MBA students understood from this talk that employee satisfaction translates into better customer service, which is crucial for a business in the hospitality industry.

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