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Assistant Professor of Marketing Gulnur Tumbat in the News

News + Events : Assistant Professor of Marketing Gulnur Tumbat in the News


Marketing Professor Gulnur Tumbat’s journal article The Cult of Mac, published in the journal Consumption, Markets, and Culture in 2005, was among the top 25 articles downloaded in 2009-2010.

Asst. Professor of Marketing Gulnur Tumbat Tumbat, with co-author Russell W. Belk, defined and introduced the notion of brand cult as consumers with an extreme devotion towards specific brands. They provided a framework for understanding how the story of Apple demonstrates cultic and mythic themes. They found several key sustaining myths, including a creation myth, a messianic myth, a satanic myth, and a resurrection myth.

The article's accompanying video offers an account of what it means when a brand becomes a religion to its true believers. Combining theories of culture, media, gender, anthropology, literary criticism and semiology with analyses of business and management, the double blind peer-reviewed journal, Consumption, Markets, and Culture is international in its scope and iconoclastic in its aims.

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