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2011 Tenure and Promotion appointments announced

News + Events : 2011 Tenure and Promotion appointments announced


Antoaneta (Toni) Petkova, ManagementAntoaneta (Toni) Petkova, Management

Antoaneta P. Petkova teaches senior-level business policy and strategy classes. Her research focuses on the role of intangible assets and processes through which they can be accumulated by firms.


Hui-Ming (Deanna) Wang, MarketingHui-Ming (Deanna) Wang, Marketing

Deanna Wang enjoys teaching marketing research and international marketing. Her current research interests include pharmaceutical marketing, retail management, corporate social responsibility and application of Bayesian models to marketing problems. Before joining academia, she was a research manager for Procter and Gamble, Asia.

Tenure and Promotion to Full Professor

Theresa Hammond, AccountingTheresa Hammond, Accounting

Colin Johnson, Hospitality & Tourism ManagementColin Johnson, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Promotion to Full Professor

Brenda Mak, Information SystemsBrenda Mak, Information Systems

Brenda Mak’s research interests include data mining, neural networks, rough sets, genetic algorithms, knowledge modeling, computer art, and effect of technology adoption on employee retention.

Judi Strebel, MarketingJudi Strebel, Marketing

Judi E. Strebel joined the college in fall 2000. She had taught for three years at the University of Arizona after receiving her Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley. She teaches marketing and marketing research, which complement her research in marketing models and purchase behavior in high tech industries.

Sameer Verma, Information SystemsSameer Verma, Information Systems

Sameer Verma's research focuses on the diffusion and adoption of innovative technologies. He is currently working on several academic research projects which include the diffusion of open source software, mobility issues in wireless networks, identity management across disparate networks and communication modes in messaging systems.


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