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Management Professor Ronald Purser in the News

News + Events : Management Professor Ronald Purser in the News


Management Professor Ronald PurserProfessor of Management Ronald Purser has authored several papers on organizational change:

  • "Developing Awareness of Time in Organizational Change" was published in Organization Development Journal, Spring 2011.
  • "A Buddhist-Lacanian Perspective on Lack" was published in The Humanistic Psychologist, Vol 39, 2011.
  • His paper, "A Zen Buddhist Deconstruction of Organizational Change" was accepted for the Standing Conference for Management and Organizational Inquiry in Philadephia, April 14-16, and was published in the Conference Proceedings.
  • His paper, "Zen and the Art of Organizational Maintenance" was accepted for the European Group for Organization Studies conference in Gothenburg, Sweden in July 2011.
  • His paper, "Zen and the Creative Management of Dilemmas" was accepted by the Management, Spirituality and Religion Interest Group for the 2011 Academy of Management conference in San Antonio, Texas this August.
  • "A Sociotechnical Systems Study of Virtual R&D Organizations", based on a National Science Foundation funded grant, was selected as a Showcase Symposium for the 2011 Academy of Management Meeting in San Antonio, Texas in August.


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