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College of Business receives donation toward business-to-business sales education

News + Events : College of Business receives donation toward business-to-business sales education


The College of Business (CoB) received a donation from Bay Area sales
professional Robert David for the purpose of offering additional
activities that would provide CoB students with enhanced training and
education on business-to-business sales.

Robert David

Robert David

Approximately 60% of undergraduate marketing graduates in the U.S.
assume sales or sales-related positions after they graduate. The
national average starting compensation for marketing graduates is
$43,325. However, the national average for starting compensation in
sales jobs
for new graduates is approximately $70,000 annually.
Furthermore, the national average for business-to-business sales is much

The college aims to provide interested students with additional
resources to assist them in acquiring the requisite skills to be
successful in a business-to-business professional sales career while
providing employers a superior talent pool of employees and future
leaders for their organizations.

The college will be seeking additional funding and a fund is being
established for individual and corporate contributions in order to
support activities such as specialized classes in sales, practice
sessions in oral presentations and mock sales calls with sales
professionals, guest speaker series, and career fairs featuring
business-to-business sales opportunities. A spring 2011 event is planned
to introduce the program to potential partners.

"I've always felt there was a need for better and more comprehensive
academic training in the area of sales and sales management at the
collegiate level," said David. “This new program will help SF State's
College of Business do just that.”

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