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Assoc. Professor of Decision Sciences Ramesh Bollapragada in the News

News + Events : Assoc. Professor of Decision Sciences Ramesh Bollapragada in the News


Ramesh Bollapragada, associate professor of decision sciences, co-author of "Surge in usage of FasTrak (an electronic toll collection system) on San Francisco Bay Area bridges: Impact of O.R. models in relieving traffic congestion, and improving productivity in the region" presented his research at Stanford University, April 7, 2010, (organized by Northern INFORMS Chapter), and at Google’s Forecasting group held May 19, 2010.

His research findings provided several recommendations to reduce traffic congestion at all bay area bridges, including how to increase usage of electronic toll collection devices.

Compared to an increase in FasTrak usage of 14% in the five years prior to Ramesh's work, usage rates went up by 8% in the 1-1/2 years after the implementation of his recommendations.

His findings provided significant momentum to projects undertaken by bay area transportation authorities, BATA and MTC. These projects, under the FasTrak Strategic Plan adopted by BATA and MTC, resulted in significant time savings and enhanced productivity.

Ramesh's research and the underlying recommendations made a splash in bay area news media (television, radio) in 2007. Ramesh is interviewed in this 2007 videoclip (2.8MB .mov file).

Ramesh's work also was a semi-finalist for the Franz Edelman award in 2009.

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