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Asst. Professor of Marketing Minu Kumar in the News

News + Events : Asst. Professor of Marketing Minu Kumar in the News


An article coauthored by Minu Kumar, assistant professor of marketing titled “Aesthetic principles and cognitive emotion appraisals: How much of the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?” has been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, considered the best applied psychology journal and widely accepted as the number two consumer research journal.

Here is an excerpt from the abstract describing Minu's research:

Although the aesthetic properties of a product have often been linked to
consumers’ emotional responses, theory and empirical evidence are yet
to fully explain how and why aesthetic properties of a product evoke an
emotional response. Our results suggest that harmony and typicality interact to affect
appraisals of pleasantness and attentional activity. Specifically,
consumers tend to prefer designs that balance the levels of attentional
resources needed and pleasantness in visually evaluating the design.

Read the full abstract.

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