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MBA student Tony Lam is profiled

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Tony Lam is currently attending SF State as an MBA candidate
with an emphasis in International Business.

My Story

Last summer, I was an intern at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Sacramento U.S. Export Assistance Center and the Sacramento Center for International Trade Development. At this internship I learned a lot about the international trade process and had my first taste of overseas interactions.

MBA student Tony Lam

“The materials
covered are stimulating and have given me skills to be
competitive in my career path. I find the MBA program to be fast paced
and always inspirational.”

I dealt with both American businesses wanting to start or expand to foreign markets (Europe and China) as well as with overseas businesses wanting to enter the U.S. markets. My duties included personalized market research and promoting trade-related events such as delegations, expos and trade fairs. I highly encourage students to go out and take on challenging internships like these to get valuable hands-on experience.

For the spring 2010 semester I worked at two internships. The first one was for the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides exits from homelessness and assistance for economically disadvantaged families and individuals. As their marketing intern, I redesigned their website and introduced a new content management system. I also worked to further develop their website strategy.

My second internship was for the San Francisco-Shanghai Sister City Committee. The committee is a goodwill organization with more than 200 cultural, business and governmental exchanges between San Francisco and Shanghai.

This year, in celebration of the 30 years they have existed, the committee has organized a delegation led by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, with participation from local businesses and a cultural representatives, to the monumental World Expo to be held in Shanghai in June this year. San Francisco will be the only official city delegation to the World Expo. The delegation will showcase Bay Area innovations in green technologies and sustainability and share our culture with the hundreds of countries and millions of visitors who are expected to take part in the Expo.

My part has been working on the preparations for San Francisco Week at the World Expo (June 17 to 25). I worked closely with the Committee’s top consultants, leveraging the use of and social marketing networks such as Facebook and Linkedin. This internship has been very fast-paced and a great learning experience for me. Anyone can follow our progress at our website

About Me

SF State

I am originally from Sacramento where I did
my undergraduate studies in business administration at Sacramento State
University with concentrations in international business,
entrepreneurship and marketing. I was also an exchange student at
Tamkang University in Taiwan.

I am a member of the Phi
Beta Delta Honor Society for International Education and State Alumni
for U.S. Government Exchanges Program


I liked to
study art, Asian American history, world culture and East
Asian religions.

At SF State

The MBA at
San Francisco State has been very challenging but at the same time
enjoyable. Courses are tough and a lot is expected of you by the

After SF State

career aspirations include working in East Asia in the area of
international trade and

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