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Marketing students score scholarships from Target Corporation

News + Events : Marketing students score scholarships from Target Corporation


Four students from Marketing Professor Ian Sinapuelas’ Retail Management class each received a $1,000 scholarship from Target Corporation’s case study competition at a presentation held in the College of Business on May 11, 2010.

The winning team of Ryan Killough, Deidra Moseley, Melanie Reilly, 
and Laura Trinh


The winning team of Ryan Killough, Deidra Moseley, Melanie Reilly, and Laura Trinh presented strategies, collectively called “A New Face,” that position Target as a leader in the cosmetic industry and in the eyes of the Target guest.

Case Study Competition

Target’s case studies are designed to expose students to actual challenges faced by retailers today, and to encourage students to incorporate a full semester’s worth of learning into their proposed strategies. This year’s case study was on improving Target’s merchandise and value statements to remain competitive within the cosmetics department. The winning team’s suggestions include in-store cosmetic ads, out-of-stock stickers, redesigning brand labels, and enhancing the full customer experience.

The student’s efforts are judged on feasibility, creativity and originality of ideas. This year four teams of four students each presented to a panel of local Target store executives. The panel overall was very impressed with the students’ attention to detail, creativity, and level of professionalism.

Student Perspective and Experience

Asked about their experience working on the project, Ryan, Deidra, and Melanie are happy to share. Ryan believes that “the Target project gave him an opportunity to work on current issues which stimulated learning and creativity.”

Deidra was very optimistic even in the beginning of the semester, her team “had a feeling that they could do really well, if they just put their minds to it. From the very start, they loved working on this project, for they had to use their creative side.”

For Melanie, presenting in front of store executives was motivating because it “allowed us to become passionate about this project, and during the process my group and I created a bond with each other because we truly believed in the effectiveness of our ideas.”

The college congratulates each student on a job well done!

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