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Google comes to campus, impressed with ISYS students

News + Events : Google comes to campus, impressed with ISYS students


Google visited the College of Business on February 12 to talk about its Internal Technology Residency Program, (, designed for new graduates in information systems. Cameron Carling, of Google, said “We were really impressed by the turn out and quality of candidates.”

The residency program is broken into three areas: training and development, front-line support, and an internal rotation. Upon successful completion of the 26 month program, residents are encouraged to apply for available permanent positions in their 60+ offices.

The Information Systems department on campus has the largest full-time faculty (11) in IS of any university in Northern California. There are over 200 students pursuing a concentration in IS within the B.S. in business administration. Students take a full complement of business courses plus specialized courses in IS. The IS concentration has been in existence for over 20 years and graduates work in IT throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

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