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Jeff Saperstein is co-author of new book about Demand Creation

News + Events : Jeff Saperstein is co-author of new book about Demand Creation


Bust the Silos: Opening Your Organization for Growth is the the groundbreaking new business book by Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein, a lecturer in the College of Business.

The book presents a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach for understanding the dynamic and cutting edge paradigm shift represented by Demand Creation. The productivity revolution of the last 25 years occurred in the organization of the supply chain. The next 25 years will be about organizing the demand chain to ensure sustainable and profitable, long-term growth for global corporations.

The book explains how to design organizations and processes that can make demand creation a scientific, process-based and repeatable management science. Written in concise, well organized, and jargon free prose, Bust the Silos represents a sea-change strategy in organizational growth and development. Busting out of the old models of corporate innovation, authors Hastings and Saperstein bring a fresh, new perspective to the challenges facing globally minded companies. 

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