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The Holland Experience

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Management student Cynthia Pearce is taking part this fall in SF State’s Study Abroad program at the Arnhem School of Business in the Netherlands.

In the few months that Cynthia’s been in Holland, she’s enjoyed her stay immensely and loved learning all about Dutch culture—and how nice all the people are! She recently shared her experiences with the College of Business.

Cynthia Pearce at the Coliseum in Rome

Rome: A Favorite

I took a trip to Italy for about a week during our school break. We went to Florence, Rome and Pisa. Rome was by far my favorite city. The whole city is so beautiful; I snapped pictures every turn we took. My favorite place in Rome was the Coliseum. Just standing there and learning about what happened there so long ago was amazing. In addition, I also visited the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, which was very incredible to see in person!

The European Parliament

For my European Integration class, we went to Brussels to see the European Parliament. The European Parliament is the only directly-elected body of the European Union, with 736 Members. During the trip, we gave class presentations, received a general introduction to the role and work of the European Parliament from an EP official, along with a tour of the European Parliament. Lastly, we attended two guest lectures.

Everyone wants to visit San Francisco

In addition to my studies, I also participated in a study abroad fair at Arnhem to promote SF State. It was interesting to hear what the students thought about San Francisco, and about our school. I loved being able to give them tips on everything. Little did I realize that there are a lot of people interested in attending San Francisco State! It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of local Dutch students!

The Dutch Way of Christmas

I also went to see a holiday parade with some classmates. The Dutch way of Christmas is very different than in the United States. Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands begin on the last Saturday of November, when Saint Nicholas arrives via steam ship from Spain. Sound odd? Dutch Christmas traditions have melded political ideology, folklore, religion and legend into the holiday symbol of Saint Nicholas. It was a beautiful parade and we all had a great time. A man overheard us talking and he told us this is as ‘Dutch as it gets.’

You can study business abroad!

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