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Math, Science, and Business Associate Coordinator

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Job: Math, Science, and Business Associate Coordinator

Date posted: 04/16/13
Employer Name: Campus Academic Resource Program
Location: HSS 346
Deadline: ASAP
Who should apply? Undergraduate Students Only
Skills & Abilities:

Job Title: Math, Science, and Business Associate Coordinator

Starting Salary: $11.00/hour

Days/Hours: 31 hrs/week in Summer semester; 20 hrs/week in Fall and Spring semesters

Job Description

The Math, Science, and Business (MSB) Associate Coordinator assists the MSB Coordinator with the management and implementation of tutorial and academic support services for the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP).

The MSB Associate Coordinator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Supervise the MSB Unit Explain and enforce CARP policies with the MSB staff and the SF State community. Monitor punctuality and attendance of the MSB tutors.
  • Hiring and Training MSB tutorial staff: Assist the MSB Coordinator in selecting and interviewing applicants for MSB tutoring positions. Assist the MSB Coordinator with the training of the MSB tutors regarding CARP polices, tutoring methods, and presentation skills.
  • Assisting with planning and implementation of academic support services for the MSB unit: Assist tutors with workshop development and preparation of workshops. Advertise workshops and collect appropriate data regarding the workshops.
  • Maintaining communication with students, staff, and faculty in the SF State community: Conduct information sessions that promote CARP services. Contact faculty from the College of Science and Engineering and College of Business to schedule meetings and promote CARP’s tutoring services.
  • Maintaining communication with MSB staff and CARP coordinators: Schedule and facilitate MSB unit meetings under the guidance of the MSB Coordinator to inform staff about policy changes and other notifications. Stay informed about all projects pertaining to the MSB unit. Ensure that MSB Coordinator and MSB Associate Coordinator are communicating effectively across their respective shifts in order to collaborate on all unit projects. Inform and communicate with the Senior Program Coordinator and Associate Program Coordinator regarding all projects and activities pertaining to the MSB Unit.
  • Publicizing MSB Services: Be present during CARP’s outreach efforts at campus events to pass out fliers and explain CARP policies and services to the SF State community. Collaborate with the MSB Coordinator in conducting CARP information sessions and assigning them to tutors as necessary. Ensure that new and returning MSB tutors have been trained on Information Session protocol and can anticipate frequently asked questions. Develop new outreach materials including publicity fliers, web postings and email notifications.
  • Providing assistance with front desk operations and lab coordination: Perform lab coordinator duties as scheduled. Perform closing duties as scheduled or as needed. Schedule appointments, sign up attendants for workshops, and set up contracts as needed.
  • Assuming the day-to-day responsibilities of the MSB Coordinator and the Associate Program Coordinator when they are not present: Explain CARP procedures to students seeking tutoring. Meet with faculty, administrators, and student organizations. Assist the MSB Coordinator with writing CARP reports for administrators (i.e. mini-brief, mid-year report, end-of-the-year report).
  • Duties may include tutoring students for up to 35% of assigned work time: Using CARP methods to tutor for math, science and/or business courses. NOTE: Tutoring for the full 35% of the time is not required, but is allowed if time permits. The MSB Associate Coordinator may also be given tasks not listed above by the MSB Coordinator, the Associate Program Coordinator, and the Senior Program Coordinator as they arise.


All applicants must be an SF State graduate or undergraduate student. Be a major in math, engineering, physics, biology, chemistry or business.

Applicants with the following majors should have completed the corresponding courses below (or equivalent courses) with a B or better:

  • Math Major or Engineering Major - Math 226 and Math 227
  • Physics Major - Phys 220 or Phys 230 or Phys 240
  • Chemistry Major - Chem 115, Chem or 233
  • Biology Major - Bio 230 and Bio 240
  • Business Major - Math 110 (or DS 110) and Finance 350

Additional qualifications include

  • experience with peer-to-peer tutoring at the university level
  • previous work experience in a college tutorial center is preferred
  • be patient and have a strong desire to help students achieve their academic goals.
  • possess the ability to speak in front of groups and present academic workshops.
  • possess the ability to accommodate different learning styles through various tutoring strategies.
  • have a minimum all university and major GPA of 3.0.
  • be available to work as an associate coordinator for a minimum of 3 semesters.
  • be available to work 31 hours per week during Summer 2013.
  • be able to work a minimum of 18 hours per week during Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.
  • direct experience providing academic support services for students from multicultural and low income communities is beneficial.
  • administrative experience is also beneficial.

Application Instructions

Submit a cover letter, a resume, and unofficial college transcripts from all institutions you have attended.

Please submit your application packet in person at HSS 346 or via email to Microsoft Word and PDF files only.

Please note, while the hiring committee is interested in previous work experience, it requests that resumes clearly articulate skills relevant to the successful execution of the MSB Unit Coordinator position; while a skills resume is strongly encourage, it is not required.

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