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Date posted: 01/30/13
Contact Don Propstra
Employer Name: The 120 Project
Location: campus
Duration: this semester
Deadline: now
Field: Education
Hours: flexible
Fax: na
Who should apply? Both Undergrad and Graduate Students

This is a very exciting start-up project. The 120 Project is going to be a broad business that educates and inspires people to shift our thinking to the possibility of living to 120 years of age! There will be books, seminars, creative outlets developed that all speak to this new vision of life to 120. It will be energetic and lots of fun! The opportunities for work in a variety of ways is possible, according to your interests. Can help with research, business plan, conceptualizing project, all different parts of the project. I have lots and lots of great ideas! Also this project will be interfacing with some of my other current projects that are all under my brand of inspiration and supporting people's success! So you will learn about it all!

Skills & Abilities:

Looking for students who are motivated to do thoughtful, creative work with good work habits. Looking for students who care about their work! We can work within the parameters of your particular skills and abilities!


This is a great opportunity for one or several students who are interested in seeing how a start-up is put together and moved forward. We will talk about your particular interests and can get you involved in ways that match your interests and abilities. Since this project is just at inception, the opportunities are great! I have much experience starting up different such projects and am happy to teach you how it is done and to give you real live experience. I have helped many people start their own businesses. I am just one block from campus so we can easily meet on campus. There is a lot of flexibility so it can mesh with your other school work. I have had other SFSU interns in the past and it has worked out very well.

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