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Internship: Independent Musician

Date posted: 01/15/13
Contact Megan Anderson
Employer Name: Meg Anderson
Location: Berkeley, CA
Phone: 3107398040
Supervision/Evaluation: Meg Anderson
Duration: 12 weeks
Deadline: January 28, 2013
Field: Entertainment
Compensation: Academic Credit + Half the door sales and half the merchandise sales
Hours: 120
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid
Who should apply? Both Undergrad and Graduate Students
  • Researching best practices for booking gigs
  • Booking gigs.
  • Act as Liaison between venue and band.
  • Engage in creative brainstorm sessions
  • Research and gain expertise in online marketing strategy for musicians and translate that into working with the band to apply knowledge.
  • Option to work the merch table in exchange for half the CD sales


Skills & Abilities:
  • Knowledge and experience in booking gigs OR a serious go-getter attitude to become an expert.
  • Self-managed
  • Provides information, answers, and solutions rather than waiting for or asking for direction.
  • Flexible, positive, creative, inventive
  • If the traditional venues aren't flying, find alternative spaces and events and making necessary connections to make it happen.
  • Leader: not afraid to give tasks to the band when appropriate and keep on them about getting them done.
  • Confident and positive and kind.
  • Gives the benefit of the doubt
  • Good written communication skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills. Especially in communicating with band and possible other members of the team.


  • Booking gigs in traditional and alternative venues for up-and-coming independent musician in the Bay Area:
  • Research best practices for getting gigs in today's market.
  • Includes finding and contacting professionals in the field and setting up informational interviews as well as online research.
  • Researching and contacting venue managers and selling the band/music.
  • Discovering the most effective ways to get the band booked either as an opener or on an existing bill
  • Work as liaison between venue and band.
  • Communication with/ management of band to request necessary materials, eg, an EPK or physical demo, bios, etc.
  • Getting creative with other ways to get exposure for the band.
  • Brainstorming about alternative, creative venues and events to play at.
  • When available, assist with logistics in getting to the venue, getting set up, etc.
  • Option to work the merch table in exchange for half the CD sales
  • Once the booking develops, repeat the process of research and connecting with pros but in the realm of online marketing.
  • Work with band to develop goals around online marketing based on current research and design roadmap for accomplishing goals.
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