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The Department of International Business (IBUS) is one of eight departments within the College of Business (CoB). It offers courses and programs of study at the undergraduate and MBA levels that are designed and oriented towards preparing students to become successful in their future careers as business managers and leaders.

Underlying the numerous departmental activities is the belief that an increasing number of business students will be involved in firms that compete in global markets, and that students who achieve managerial and leadership positions in these firms need core skills and competencies to operate in worldwide and heterogeneous national environments under conditions of economic and political risk.

The core values of the department are excellent teaching and superior research. The faculty brings considerable expertise to the study of international business. The research competencies of department members include:

  • comparative cultural values and attitudes
  • demographical influences and the role of gender in international management
  • cross-cultural differences in consumer behavior
  • international learning
  • comparative internet based strategies
  • strategic alliances
  • high technology marketing and strategy
  • global business strategy in knowledge-based industries

Their research has covered key geographical areas such as East Asia (Japan, China, Korea), Southeast Asia (Philippines), Latin America (Mexico), and Europe (UK, France, Spain). Faculty members have received research grants from the Office of Naval Research and the Tokyo Foundation.


The undergraduate and graduate International Business programs of the Department of International Business prepare students for careers in:

  • International commerce
  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • World business operations
  • international development with private business, governmental agencies or international organizations.

With a functional specialization in import/export management, marketing, finance, logistics or general management, encouraged by International Business advisors, students may be employed in the international aspects of almost any business career alternative.

Specific employment alternatives are extremely varied:

  • Export and import manager
  • Country/Region Manager
  • Industry Analyst-Country/Region Specialist
  • Global Business Strategist (Management Consulting)
  • International Marketing Manager
  • International Logistics/Transportation Coordinator
  • International Sales (e.g. Global Account Manager)
  • International Entrepreneur
  • International Supply Chain Specialist (e.g. sourcing from China for sale in US)
  • Human Resources Manager--International
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