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Graduate Students : MBA + MSA : Writing Course for Conditional Admits

If you have been conditionally admitted to the program due to a writing score below our minimums on the GMAT or GRE, you are required to register for BUS 714 Elements of Business Writing in your first semester of study.

The BUS 714 course should be taken as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit). Once you have completed the course with a Credit grade in your first semester and submit the required graduation forms prior to completion of the program, your status will be changed to Classified.

Class schedule and registration for BUS 714

The three-unit BUS 714 course is offered through the College of Extended Learning located at the SF State Downtown Campus, 6th floor.

The course listing can be found on the College of Extended Learning (CEL) class schedule page rather than the regular class schedule. Please visit the CEL registration web page to register for the class.

Cost and payment for BUS 714

The cost is currently $395 per unit, which is $1,185 for the course. You must make the tuition payment directly and separately to the College of Extended Learning.

Considerations for Financial Aid

Please note, if you have been approved for financial aid, you must be enrolled in at least four units from the regular university to receive financial aid benefits.

The BUS 714 class does not qualify for these units as it is not offered through the regular university.

Therefore, in addition to BUS 714, you need to be enrolled in two additional courses in your first semester to receive financial aid benefits.

Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.

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