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The Social, Political and Legal Environment of Business (BUS 784)

Contemporary social, political, and legal issues that demonstrate the mutual impacts of economic and non-economic institutions both here and abroad. (a required Foundation course)

Managing the Sustainable Business (MGMT 856)

Skills and perspectives required to manage and operate a sustainable business. Focus on the tools necessary to perform each business function (such as marketing, manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, HR, R&D, information systems, finance, accounting) taking environmental and social implications into account. (Required advanced-level elective for the emphasis)

Business Management and Environmental Leadership (BUS 857)

Impact of business organizations on the natural environment. Approaches to effectively respond to environmental issues. (Required advanced-level elective for the emphasis)

Sustainability and Business Opportunity (MGMT 858)

Focus on business innovation to meet society's emerging needs. Practical knowledge and experience in understanding needs not met effectively by current business practices and in developing innovative business strategies to address them. (Required advanced-level elective for the emphasis)

Plus two more advanced-level business electives with faculty approval.

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