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Executive MBA : Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Messages to Prospective Executive MBA Students

group shot of the first EMBA cohort

The first cohort to complete the EMBA Program in December 2002

Laurie E. Lumish, MBA

Business Development Manager, Degenkolb Engineers

Through the SF State EMBA program, I developed the skills and confidence to show strategic leadership and interest in organization. My first project for the EMBA helped me earn a promotion, a raise, and internal recognition.

Kelvin Choo, MBA 2006

Director, Business Analysis & Operations, CMD

“The professional network established as result of attending SF State's Executive MBA program has been invaluable in developing my career, as well as serving as an important source of learning from the experiences of my fellow students. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking a step up in their career prospects in addition to gaining a broad-based education that would be a great asset in today's global economy.”

Melinda Chan, MBA 2006

Sr. Marketing Associate, AAA

“Enrolling in SF State's EMBA program was a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on business management, it has helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

Olivia Chan, MBA 2006

Sr. QA Engineer, Edge Dynamics, Inc.

“Finishing the EMBA Program while working full time required much dedication, hard work and sacrifice. However, if I had to start from the beginning, I would do it all over again. The benefits of the program substantially outweighed my sacrifices. I have been encouraged and trained to explore outside my comfort zone. I became more confident as a person and as a professional. I have learned to face challenges head-on with creative approaches and turn the challenges into opportunities.”

Anson Fong, MBA 2005

Advisory Project Manager, IBM

“The cohort style of the EMBA was truly rewarding and fun. I would even say that it's magical because I was amazed how close-knit the cohort was, and going to class was almost like a social event where we shared our experiences as we went through the topics of the day, minus the bar and lounge environment. I'm confident to say that many of us in my cohort will be able to leverage what we learned from the EMBA in our jobs and career and, more importantly, leverage our experiences so we can help each other as our career and life advance.”

Albert Guinto, MBA 2005

Investment Manager Services SEI Investments

“Today’s work environment moves at such a fast pace. Change occurs daily and new issues must be resolved immediately. The SF State Executive MBA (EMBA) gave me the tools for my toolkit that allow me to understand problems and create solutions for my firm and for my clients. The most valuable experience that I gained in my time during the EMBA cohort program was building relationships with my classmates. These relationships have given me a foundation of friends and colleagues that will boost my career and my personal life for years to come.”

Trella Davis, MBA 2004

Marketing & Information Management Manager, Deloitte & Touche

"The SF State EMBA program is a stand-out for those considering a part-time MBA that is fully accredited and academically rigorous for a multitude of reasons. The professors are talented, committed and genuinely caring; their talent for sharing their expertise and experience was a treat.

"The wonderful support of the program staff, zero class registration hassles, books pre-ordered and hand-delivered, the great classroom setting, and the many other unique benefits all streamlined the logistical elements.

"SF State faculty and staff clearly go to great lengths to make their students' environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning. While it is in no way an easy program, the intelligent arrangement of the courses makes it manageable to pull off a full-time career at the same time. The EMBA's cohort class style also offers the ideal venue to create a strong network and life-long friendships.

"Considering the significant time that it takes to recoup the investment in any MBA program, the SF State EMBA program is an incredible deal for the value received. I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to grow in a management career or start their own business, or anyone looking to be more successful in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable marketplace."

Jennifer Gamel, MBA 2004

Senior Associate Electronic Arts, Inc.

"The EMBA program enabled me to tailor projects for most courses to learn more about the specific industry in which I am employed. The varied professional and educational backgrounds of fellow cohort students made for lively, enriching discussions of real-world case studies. The resulting contacts and friendships are invaluable."

Darcy Beal, MBA 2004

Associate Director, SBC Services, Inc.

“I had an excellent experience participating in the EMBA program. From great professors to fellow students from very diverse backgrounds, all aspects of the program made my learning experience the best possible.”

Ed Barisone, MBA 2004

Executive VP, Finance, Bay Area Addiction Research & Treatment

“I always had a long-term goal to attain a masters degree. The SF State EMBA program allowed me to achieve my goal, while maintaining my career and family life. It required commitment, but was doable.”

Kenny Dang, MBA 2004

Director, R&D Guidant

“The caliber of professionals in the cohort is high and their collective experience has taught me a lot.”

Aman Singh, MBA 2004

Transportation Engineer, CALTRANS

“The program offers full time, working professionals an opportunity to earn a fully accredited MBA degree while developing business skills and knowledge, a strong business network, and life-long friendships and personal growth. The professors are dedicated experts in their fields and share the wealth of their enormous experience, reality and wisdom.”

Ping Wu, MBA 2004

Software Program Manager, Sun Microsystems

“The cohort structure is ideal for working professionals. I not only learned many concepts and ideas that are applicable today but also developed a professional business network and many personal friendships with other colleagues.”

Tracy S. Chen, MBA 2003

Sr. Quality Assurance Associate, ALZA Corporation

“My experience has been nothing but positive! The selective pool of professors and staff dedicated to the EMBA program truly makes the difference in how I have personally grown in the last two years.”

Winnie P. Wong, MBA 2003

Sr. Financial Consultant, Safeway, Inc.

"The SF State EMBA program has redefined how I think, work, and play. It has prepared me to become a more successful leader in the "new management environment"—one that is characterized by teamwork and alliances, continuous changes in technologies, globalization, and networks that are in instantaneous communication with each other."

Paul L. Seto, MBA 2002

VP and Relationship Manager City National Bank

“The program is for a reasonable two-year commitment allowing me to see the 'light at the end of the tunnel.’ One of the intangible benefits from the program is the opportunity to build and develop a professional business network and personal friendships with other colleagues. I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the program.”

Evelyn Woods, ESQ, MBA 2002


“The EMBA program has inspired me beyond my expectations, making my career goals clearer, more focused, and more realistic.”

Bryan Caston, CPA, MBA 2002

CFO, Machinery & Equipment Co.

“The coursework has allowed me to refresh my memory of business concepts and ideas I learned long ago, and to learn new concepts and ideas that are applicable today.

“For me, the cohort structure of the program is the element of fun. This structure allows a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and to learn about each other; one might use the term 'to fellowship' with one another.”

Hubert Wolters, MBA 2002

Director, Customer Marketing Sonics, Inc.

“After receiving my MBA from San Francisco State University's Executive MBA program, I reflected on whether I chose the right university for my degree. My conclusion is a definite yes, especially in regards to my career objective which was to achieve greater managerial responsibility at my current employer in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“SF State offers the EMBA program for working mid-career professionals in Silicon Valley and prepares them for executive management. The program has allowed me to continue working full-time while earning my MBA degree.

“I have improved my analytical, logical and problem-solving skills as well as achieved an understanding of business management theories. As a result, the MBA degree and education from SF State has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a management career in the highly competitive, dynamic, and rapidly changing business environment as seen everyday here in Silicon Valley.”

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