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Graduate Program in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics provides students with a solid foundation in economic theory, quantitative methodology and analysis and their real world applications.

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The Program

Although students with or without an undergraduate degree in Economics are encouraged to apply to the program, students with a strong undergraduate foundation in economics, mathematics, and/or statistics will be much better prepared for the program curriculum.

A well-prepared student can typically expect to complete the MA Economics program in eighteen to twenty four months, while others with less mathematics/statistics/economics preparation may require an additional semester or two.

The program requires students to develop skills in the mathematical modeling of economic theory and statistical analysis of economic data, as well as in writing and communicating economic ideas.

An applied orientation and a strong quantitative training allow graduates to compete successfully for positions as researchers or administrators in the corporate sector, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The program also offers a solid foundation for students interested in continuing their graduate studies in Ph. D. programs elsewhere. M.A. Economics graduates have recently been placed in advanced positions with public utilities, economic consulting firms, research divisions of large companies, and with local and state government agencies.

A sizable number of MA graduates have continued on to pursue Economics Ph. D. degrees as well as MBAs and Law degrees from reputed universities in the United States and abroad.

For detailed program information, see Graduate Programs: Economics

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