SAP Recognition Award Program {College of Business}

Image: Photos of SF State students

Recruiter from PG&E University Program visits San Francisco State University

(l-r) Larry Cantieri, Tiffany Melo, John Olive, Prashant Jain, IS Professor Leigh Jin, and IS Professor David Chao.

On March 15, 2013, PG&E college recruiter Tiffany Melo and SAP experts Larry Cantieri and John Olive attended the SF State SAP advisory council meeting. Prashant Jain, a leading business development partner of Sparta Consulting company also attended the meeting.

In addition to leading the college recruiting program at PG&E, Tiffany is an expert on incorporating social media into PG&E’s campus hiring strategies. She manages the summer intern program and skill development workshops at PG&E.

During the meeting, she gave great advice to students who prepare résumés for internship positions at PG&E:

  • include graduation dates (month and year), so PG&E knows whether you are interested in an intern or full time position.
  • include a skills section, listing everything you know, including self-taught skills and skills that you are not proficient
  • list your major and any minors that you are pursuing
  • don’t include irrelevant work experiences
  • include class projects you have done
  • highlight leadership roles you played in projects or student organizations 

PG&E representatives are very happy with the beautiful PG&E sponsorship banner that is displayed at the first floor of the Business building.

The IS department would also like to thank Armen Perez, Tony Chan, Kali DeWald, Damon Fong, Albert Koo, Bonnie Li, Tod Arnoldy and Larry Low for their generous support of our SAP Recognition Award Program.

Apr. 25 5 p.m.PG&E Recruiter workshop on PG&E Internship Program

Tiffany Melo, a college recruiter from PG&E, holds a workshop on PG&E's internship program today, April 25, 5 p.m. in BUS 111.

Tiffany explains the details of the PG&E internship recruitment process and help you to better prepare your résumé for the program.

See you there!

Great Program!

I am excited to enroll into the business program in San Francisco State University to take advantage of this!


This adds value to just the regular business concentration. Everyone has a degree these days, but this will actually help stand out!!

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