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Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Grant, Department of Education

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Intellectual Contribution by Lutfus Sayeed

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Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Grant, Department of Education






The UISFL grant activities can be classified into three programs. These are South Asia Studies (SAS), Business Chinese (BC), and International Healthcare in China (IHC).

The specific foci of the SAS program were to: (1) create an interdisciplinary minor in South Asian Studies, (2) develop a South Asian American Community Internship/ Service Learning Program, (3) implement a Study Abroad Program in South Asia, (4) develop and offer Hindi-Urdu language instruction, (5) augment library and audio-visual resources, and (6) establish a South Asia Business Institute. Given the high quality of existing faculty with expertise on South Asia, this program aimed to provide rigorous academic instruction with community-based and international learning opportunities for our undergraduates.

Few baccalaureate Chinese programs offer any training in the terminology, collocations, and forms of written/spoken communication typically encountered in the business world, nor do the curricula incorporate recent economic, business, and technology industry trends vis-_-vis China. Thus, business graduates still face a steep learning curve after they enter employment. The Business Chinese Program responds to the need for providing Chinese linguistic competence for students majoring in business, or other students who plan to work for companies that conduct business in China. This program will consist of two new language instruction courses, developed in collaboration by faculty in the College of Business and the Chinese Program in the College of Humanities. Another unique strength of this interdisciplinary program is that SFSU's College of Business currently has 27 faculty that are proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese. The program also includes an innovative project to develop, review and utilize supplemental online language teaching materials in collaboration with MERLOT's World Languages Editorial Board.

The primary objective of the IHC program was to develop a comprehensive interdisciplinary program which will be integrated into our pre-professional training for undergraduate students interested in business, medicine and public health. This program will also offer intermediate and advanced level Chinese language courses developed in collaboration with faculty in the Chinese Language Program in the College of Humanities, the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Business.

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