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Presentation: Making the Business Case for Strategic Staffing in a Down Economy

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Presentation: Making the Business Case for Strategic Staffing in a Down Economy


ERE Expo 2009 Spring




When the economy turns sour many companies react by enacting broad sweeping cost containment efforts that more often than not decimate the capability of the staffing function. Such efforts force the shutdown of non-transactional sourcing programs, reduce departmental staff levels to a bare minimum, and restrict managers from taking advantage of talent opportunities by freezing requisitions. Unfortunately, these constraints come at a time when organizations that succeed largely due to their use of intellectual capital are presented with a virtual panacea of unprecedented opportunities. During this interactive session, Dr. John Sullivan, will share with you how organizations can balance cost containment efforts with investments in strategic staffing initiatives that produce incredible ROIs during tough times. By allocating limited resources to high ROI activities strategic recruiters can demonstrate to senior leaders that they can contribute to business performance directly while paying respect to organizational hardships. Specific topics that will be addressed include:

The top ten highest ROI strategic staffing programs

Tips for calculating the dollar impact of talent issues

Major elements needed for a world-class business case to invest in staffing during tough times

Questions you better be able to answer

This session will hold no punches in attacking the issues that lead to staffing being one of the first costs organizations act to contain when the economy turns sour. It will present a hard look at some of the things too many organizations do, and the highly strategic things that get talked about but rarely accomplished.

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