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"Genesis _ Blueprint for an Educational Institution

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"Genesis _ Blueprint for an Educational Institution


Business As An Agent for World Benefit




"Genesis" presents the model of an educational institution that is focused on the needs of the vast majority of the world's population as well as on the immense possibilities promised by the phenomenal advances in educational and information technology during the last decade.

The model calls for the establishment of a largely volunteer-based organization to be known as the World University for Humanity (W.U.H.). The University will begin by offering a 2-year graduate program but will quickly establish itself - with ongoing international agency and corporate involvement - also as a technology-based developer of knowledge and information-based instruction for children and adults to be delivered through satellite-linked mobile classrooms. A rare combination of social and ecological consciousness, entrepreneurship and voluntarism will make up this program of "interactive distance learning" as well as delivery.

The emphasis in the totality of the programs will be on identifying and developing sets of "human" skills to apply, adapt, and update, so that individuals and groups might better understand concepts such as leadership, equality, human rights, change management, systems, and continual improvement (of self and systems). The shared commitment of teachers and students at W.U.H. will be to a sustainable educational capacity development across this spectrum.

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