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Mark Starik

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Mark Starik

Professor, Management

Mark Starik

Mark Starik is a Professor of Management and Sustainability and the Director of the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business in the College of Business at San Francisco State. He teaches in the areas of strategic management, business environmental management and policy, and business energy and climate issues and solutions.  His career experience includes more than 20 years at George Washington University in which he co-founded and co-directed two sustainability related centers and chaired the Department of Strategic Management and Public Policy.  He has also held several management positions in and consulted with various business, government, and non-profit organizations, primarily in the energy and environment management and policy areas, and is a co-founder of several sustainability non-profit organizations, including the Academy of Management’s Organizations & the Natural Environment (ONE) Division. His research interests include strategic environmental sustainability management, sustainable energy and climate solutions, and sustainability management theory and practice, and he is a co-editor of the journal Organization and Environment. He holds a doctorate in strategic management from the University of Georgia (U.S.A.), and masters in natural resources policy and administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact Information



Office Hours: Not available in summer

Phone: 338-1235

Department: Management

Location: BUS 350/DTC

Advising Duties: Advisor/UG/Grad


Ph.D. March, 1991      The University of Georgia, U.S.A.

Strategic Management


M.A. August, 1978      The University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

Public Policy and Administration, Natural Resources Concentration


B.A. August, 1976       The University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

Economics/Political Science

Research Interests

Recent Published Research of the CESB Director, Mark Starik (and Co-Authors)

Starik, M. (forthcoming) Connecting and advancing the social innovations of business sustainability models. Proceedings of the International Association for Business & Society.

Starik, M. & Kanashiro, P. 2013.  Toward a theory of sustainability management:  Uncovering and integrating the nearly obvious.  Organization & Environment.  Volume 26 (1): 7-30.

Starik, M., Holliday, S, & Paton, B. 2012.  Strategic environmental sustainability management: Highlighting the need and opportunities to recognize environmentally-hidden economic sectors. International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation. Volume 4 (3): 1-16.

Liu, Y., Xing, Y., & Starik, M. 2012. Storytelling as research method: A West-meets-East perspective. In Wang, C.L., Ketchen, D.J. & Bergh, D.D. (eds.) West Meets East: Building Theoretical Bridges (Research Methodology in Strategy and Management), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol. 8: 143 – 171.

Starik, M. 2012. Multi-level, multi-system strategic approach to a sustainable economy. In Statler, M., & Shrivastava, P. (eds.) Learning from the Global Financial Crisis Stanford University Press.  291-312.

Starik, M., Rands, G.P., Marcus, A.A., & Clark, T.S. 2010 (eds.) Sustainability in management education.  Academy of Management Learning & Education. Vol. 9 (3). 

Starik, M. & Rands, G.P. 2010. In search of sustainability in management education. In Academy of Management Learning & Education Special Issue on Sustainability in Management Education.  September. Volume 9 (3); 377-383.

Recent Conference Presentations of CESB Director Mark Starik (and Co-Presenters)

Starik, M. & Townsend, A. 2013.  Connecting and advancing the social innovations of business sustainability models.  International Association for Business & Society. Portland, OR. June.

Starik, M. 2013.  Connections between the fields of Strategic Management and Sustainability Management:  Perceptions, pathways, and possibilities.  Western Academy of Management.  Santa Fe, NM. March.

Starik, M. 2011.  Sustainability, corporate governance, & beyond: Toward a holistic theory of sustainability management. University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Corporate Governance and Value Creation Conference. Sydney, NSW, Australia. December;

Starik, M. 2011. Developing effective academic-practitioner sustainable relationships. AACSB Sustainability Conference, Charlotte, NC, June.

Starik, M. 2011  A year in the life of the GW Institute for Sustainability Research, Education, & Policy: Achievements and prospects. GW University Seminar Series. Washington, DC.  April.

Starik, M. 2011. Developing an academic research portfolio: What do you like? What do you know? and, What do you think?: Western Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium, Victoria, BC. March

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