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Undergraduate Students : Incomplete

In the event that a student is unable to complete course requirements due to unforeseen but fully justified reasons, a student may petition for an Incomplete.

Students should have a substantial portion of required course work completed (normally greater than 75%) while performing passing work at the time the petition is filed.

Time Limit

The normal allowed time to make up an incomplete grade is one academic year (not including summer session), regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled for the semester. However, the instructor may set a deadline earlier than the two-semester limit.

A "Petition for Change of Grade" must be filed in order to change an "I" to another grade, including the "default" grade. Failure to file such a petition within one year following the semester in which the "I" grade is assigned will result in an automatic assignment of an "F" grade to the course.

No grade changes are allowed after the student has graduated.

The instructor may refuse to accept work submitted after the agreed upon deadline.

Students with extenuating circumstances may request the instructor to extend the time limit. To extend the time limit beyond one year, however, the student must file a Petition for Waiver of College Regulations before the end of the one-year limit.

Procedure Checklist

It is the student's responsibility to discuss a request for an incomplete grade with the course instructor before filing the petition for incomplete.

Incomplete forms may be obtained online at

  1. Student initiates the petition by completing the Student Request portion of the petition. In rare cases when the student is unable to submit the petition form, the course instructor, after consulting with the student, may initiate the petition on behalf of the student.
  2. Student submits the form together with supporting documents to the course instructor
  3. If the instructor approves the petition, he/she sets the condition (what work to be completed by what date) for completing the course after discussing the case with the student.
  4. The instructor submits the petition together with the grade sheet to the department chair for approval. The petition is not approved unless the chair approves.
  5. One copy of the petition with all necessary signatures can be picked up from the department office by the student for his/her personal file, one copy is given to the instructor, and one copy is kept in the department office. The department office will maintain the paperwork for two years.
  6. Student obtains a "Petition for Grade Change – Report of Make Up of Incomplete" after completing the specified course requirements. Forms are available online at:
  7. Fill out the top portion of the form enclosed by the bold outline
  8. Indicate Type of Action Requested (Report of Makeup of Incomplete)
  9. Insert the Previous grade in the assigned space
  10. Deliver the form and any attachments to the instructor
  11. After evaluation of all course work, the instructor will complete the form and submit it to the Department Office for final action.

Note: It is the students' responsibility to make sure that an approved grade change appears on their transcript.

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