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Undergraduate Students : Grade Change + Grade Appeal

Grade Change Procedures

In a case of an instructor or administrative error, students must fill out the Petition for Grade Change–Report of Make Up of Incomplete form.

Download the Grade Change—Report of Make Up of Incomplete form (pdf)

  1. Fill out the top portion of the form enclosed by the bold outline
  2. Indicate Type of Action Requested (Petition for Grade Change)
  3. Insert the previous grade in the assigned space
  4. Provide specific information when stating your reason for requesting a grade change. Attach additional sheets or documentation if necessary.
  5. Deliver the form and any attachments to the instructor who taught the course
  6. Instructor will approve or deny student request and submit form to your department office for final action
  7. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that an approved grade change appears on their transcript.

Grade Appeals Process

Normally, grade appeals should be resolved informally between the student and faculty involved.

A student who believes s/he has been assigned an improper grade should meet with the instructor of record and together review the grading procedures used to determine the grade assigned on the student's transcript.

If, after careful review of the grading procedures, the student is still dissatisfied, or if the instructor of record refuses to take part in the informal process, the student may initiate the formal grade appeal procedure.

Students may come to BUS 112 (the College of Business Student Service Center) to learn more about the appeals procedure. Or, read the Academic Senate Policy Grade Appeal Practices and Procedures

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